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Director/Head of Training/Instructor

Ground and Flight Examiner

PPL, LAPL and Night Instructor

Steve has been flying for 27 years. He has been instructing for 12. Steve is the operations manager at Sibson.



PPL, LAPL, Night, IMC Instructor

Charles did his initial PPL at Sibson and progressed to commercial and instructor rating at Cabair, Cranfield. He also did Multi Engine Instrument Rating at Bonus Aviation, also at Cranfield. Charles has been an instructor for 15 years. 



PPL, LAPL, Night, Tailwheel Instructor

Peter has been flying for 45 years. In 1984 he became part of the British Precision Flying team and for many years has been a competitor, team manager, international judge and juror. He has accumulated over 2500 instructional hours.



PPL, LAPL Instructor

Dave has been flying for 20 years. He won a scholarship to complete Private Pilots License at age 17.  He learnt to fly before he could drive a car and completed his PPL in 1 month.

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PPL Instructor

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