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Aerobatic Rating (FCL800)

(a) Holders of a pilot license for aeroplanes, helicotpers or sailplanes shall only undertake aerobatic flights when they hold an appropriate rating.

(b) Applicants for an aerobatic rating shall have completed:

         (1) at least 40 hours of flight time as a pilot in command in the appropriate aircraft category;

         (2) theoretical knowledge instruction appropriate for the rating;

         (3) 5 hours of dual aerobatic instruction time.

(c) The privileges of the aerobatic rating shall be limited to the aircraft category in which the flight instruction was completed. This limitation may be withdrawn and the privileges extended to another category of aircraft if the pilot holds a valid license for that aircraft catagory and has successfully completed at least one dual familiarisation flight with an instructor holding an aerobatic rating for that catagory of aircraft.

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