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Instrument Rating - IMC/IR(R)

Have you completed your PPL and would like a new challenge? Why not consider an IMC Rating/IR(R) course?  

The IMC Rating/IR(R) will give you:

  • Better instrument flying skills

  • The ability to fly instrument approaches

  • Improved flying skills


In the UK, when the weather is below VFR minima, an IMCR/IR(R) will allow you to fly legally under Instrument Flight Rules except in Class A airspace and when taking off and landing where the flight visibility below cloud is less than 1,500 m.

To be issued with an IMC rating, you must have:

  • 25 hours total experience as pilot of aeroplanes since PPL(A) issue, which may include the training for the IMC rating. 

  • 10 hours Pilot in Command, of which 5 hours must be cross-country.

  • 15 hours minimum dual flight training, of which a minimum of 10 hours must be flying by sole reference to instruments.

  • Passed the IMC Rating written exam

  • Passed a skill test with a CAA Examiner

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