Lockdown 2 - November 2020 Update

In line with recent government guidelines we are open for restricted activities as of Monday 16 November:
1) PPL (A) training and hour building for those on a modular route to a commercial license.
2) Flights for the purposes of renewal or revalidation of ratings due to expire before the 2nd December
3) 1 currency flight per member for the purpose or retaining skills - of no more than 60 minutes Sibson - Sibson.
4) Engine health and maintenance check flights
The following activities unfortunately will be unavailable until 2 December 2020:
1) Trial Lessons / Flight Experiences
2) Other training or ratings not listed above
3) Leisure Flights or Sport Flights
All current social distancing and sanitization procedures remain in place and must be strictly adhered too.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.