Solo Flying Rates (per hour) from April 2016
Cessna 150/152 - £129
Cessna 172 - £159
Piper Cherokee - £139
Tiger Moth - £POA

PFS Aircraft Fleet

Membership Rates
Annual: £175
6 Months: £90
Monthly: £40
Daily: £18

You must have flown within the previous 28 days to be able to self hire an aircraft. If you do not meet this requirement a check ride with a flying instructor will need to be undertaken before you are able to self hire an aircraft. A check ride is also a requirement if you're not an existing member of the flying school when booking a self hire, regardless of time elapsed since your last flight. If you require a License Skills Test (LST) there is a fee, paid directly to the examiner, of £110. This does not include hire of the aircraft.